Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Virgin coconut oil: essential for tasty cooking, for hair and skincare and a healthy livelihood.

Erika Organics prides itself on producing unrefined coconut oil without added chemicals. Our product possesses the capability to rejuvenate hair and skin. And, the high nutritional content makes it a must-have on your kitchen shelf. 

Our Virgin Coconut oil will make your Keto diet feel right.

Dieting will not feel so adverse anymore. Our Cold-pressed Virgin coconut oil has been extracted from coconut cream and consists of 63% MCFA (Medium-chain fatty acids). So, now even your Keto diet will start to have a kick to it. Food will taste better. You will feel more energetic. And, your body will thank you for providing it with food that is rich in healthy fats and free from trans fat.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is affordable, reliable and wonderful.

With a reasonable price tag, virgin coconut oil by Erika Organics can boast of numerous good qualities. Naturally created, this cooking oil is easy to store and has a long shelf life. So, gone will be the days when you will be busy searching for the best oil in town. Why is that? Because Erika Organics’ virgin coconut oil will be here!

Which is better? Regular coconut oil or OUR Virgin coconut oil?

Dried coconut kernel called 'copra' is responsible for making regular coconut oil. However, in doing so, all the natural values are extracted and so; it is only suitable for consumption by some. 

BUT, our virgin coconut oil is extracted from the freshest organic coconuts, and from the hub of the coconut production industry which lies near the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Our organic process restores the aroma, natural elements and antioxidants of the oil, thus making it much healthier to consume. 

Another difference between regular oil and virgin coconut oil is that the former is overflowing with trans-fat which is unsuitable for the human body. And, virgin coconut oil manufactured by Erika Organics contains saturated fat. It’s also reassuring to note that virgin coconut oil has been known to reduce symptoms of depression due to how it is composed.

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