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Looking for a Healthy Breakfast alternative?

Wish to add a Superfood to your Diet but can't find something healthy and Tasty at the same time?

Meet Erika Organics Quinoa: A 5,000-Year-Old Superfood which is known for being:

    •    High in Fibre
    •    Highly Nutritious
    •    Gluten-Free
    •    High in Proteins
    •    And hundreds of other Health benefits

Quinoa has been proven to be one of the healthiest food choices and has gained popularity worldwide as the preferred breakfast option.

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Quinoa is an effective weapon for your Weight loss goals.

It is high in Proteins which increases your metabolism. The high fibre in Quinoa will make you feel full earlier, helping in reducing your appetite naturally.

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Quinoa is the most Fibre-Rich grain among most of the grains that you know of.
The Fibre content is actually more than twice of what you find in most grains.

Other things that you find in Quinoa are:

    •    Protein
    •    Fibre
    •    Manganese
    •    Magnesium
    •    Phosphorus
    •    Folate
    •    Copper
    •    Iron
    •    Zinc
    •    Potassium
    •    Small amounts of calcium
    •    Numerous other Vitamins

Erika Organics-Quinoa

Quinoa is low on the Glycemic Index, which makes it the perfect choice for people with Diabetes.

Quinoa is also Vegan friendly!

Also, there are numerous ways to enjoy Quinoa, and you will find endless recipes for Quinoa on the Internet. You can mix and match Quinoa with various other foods to try something new.

It is also famous for being an alternative to Rice.

Quinoa Superfood Erika Organics
Erika Organics is a USDA, India Organic, and Jaivik Bharat certified Brand.

USDA is the Highest level of certifications for Organic products in the world.

Erika Organics is known for maintaining strict quality checks and 100% Organically grown products.
Erika Organics-Quinoa-Superfood

What are you waiting for?

Get Erika Organics Quinoa and award your body with a healthy Breakfast and add years to your life!

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