Organic Green Gram Split With Skin (Moong Dal)

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Split Green Gram can be added to all your sweet and savory dishes. It cooks quickly, has a sweet flavor and silky texture.

This product is not heavy, in the sense that you will not feel bloated after consuming it. Not only is it easy to digest but also a trustworthy remedy for when you’re sick.

Split Green Gram also happens to be low in fat and high in fibre. It is Green Gram that has been split but not skinned!

Sourced from MP and Rajasthan, this product is cultivated by diligent farmers and delivered to your doorstep. With an authentic quality and healthy taste, this product deserves to be on your plate.

This is an India Organic, USDA Organic And Jaivik Bharat Certified Product.

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Organic Green Gram Split With Skin (Moong Dal)
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